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A nozzle adjustment in dual heads printer

Robin Shakya

A nozzle adjustment in double heads printer

Problem: one of nozzle touches object/model when it is printing.

Cause:  two nozzles are not in the same level.

Solution: Adjustment the level of a nozzle. 

1. Unscrew two screws

As show on the picture


2. Detach the printer head

Detach the printer head from the pedestal. Before detaching the printer head form pedestal. Mark with the number on the fan and the feed module stepper motor on each for not to get confused when you attach back the printer header with the pedestal.


3. Add a washer or Shim

Add a washer or shim one side of the pedestal at the screw hole where the nozzle is touching while printing. Washer or shim size is approximately 4 mm inner diameter and 1 mm thickness


4. Attach the printer heads with pedestal


Please follow the above steps. Any other problems and questions, contact us at support@mbot3d.com

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