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Replacing feeding module

Robin Shakya

Replacing feeding module

For replacing the X stepper motor cable and X axis limit switch cable several steps are required; these are described here.

Important: Make sure the MBot Cube kit is turned off and power supply disconnected before you start the replacement.

Compatibility: All MBot 3D Printer

Necessary Parts: Feed Module (available on MBot3d online store)

Necessary Tool:

  1. Flat blade screwdriver
  2. Hexagon screw driver


For Dual head: Mark each extruder and fan with the number to avoid confusion when you detach the fans from the printer head.

1. Take off the front fan

Hold the fan, put a flat blade screw driver between fan and pedestal at left edge, slowly lift the fan. Put a flat blade screwdriver between fan and pedestal at right edge, slowly lift the fan.

2. Take off the feed module

Unscrew the screw on feed module. Take out the broken feed module and replace with the new feed module. Screw the screw on the feed module, but not very tight that feed module could not move. Put spring on feed module. Check the pictures.

Please follow the above steps. Any other problems and questions, contact us at support@mbot3d.com

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