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Replacing thermocouple and cartridge heater cable

Robin Shakya

Replacing thermocouple or cartridge heater

For replacing the thermocouple or cartridge heater several steps are required; these are described here.

Important: Make sure filament is removed, the MBot Cube kit is turned off and power supply disconnected before you start the replacement.

Note: Thermocouple and cartridge heater 24V for Old motherboard MBot Cube and 12V for MBot Cube kit

Necessary Parts:

  1. Thermocouple (available on MBot3d online store)
  2. Cartridge heater (available on MBot3d online store)


Necessary Tool:

  1. Hexagon screwdriver
  2. Pinch tool



1. Detach extruder

Unscrew the two screws as shown as in picture and detach the printer head from the pedestal

2. Take off Cartridge heater or Thermocouple cable.

Clean the surface around the screw and unscrew the screw of the thermocouple to change thermocouple and unscrew the screw of the cartridge heater to change cartridge heater.

3. Take off cable

i. Pull out the cable from cable holder. Cut the plastic band and open the cable cover

ii. Open the bottom of the printer. Unscrew two screws and turn printer facing bottom parts towards you. Unplug thermocouple cable jack for changing thermocouple. Unplug cartridge heater jack to change cartridge heater. A pair red cable is a cartridge heater cable and a pair black cable is thermocouple cable.

Please follow the above steps. Any other problems and questions contact us support@mbot3d.com

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