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Robin Shakya


Now the build plate has been levelled and filament loaded you’re ready to start your first print! We've placed some print files on the SD card to start with. Simply select one of the files and press the button to start.

After a print file has been chosen the MBot mini will prepare itself by homing the print head and build plate and heating up the build plate and nozzle. Please note that this can take up to 5 minutes.

While printing, the display will show the progress of the print. When the print has finished, wait for the build plate to cool down and grab the print from the build plate.

Tip: For better platform adhesion you can apply double side tape on build plate. You only need to apply double side tape to the area where the model will be printed.

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    Daniel Neu

    Why can't you just put the user manual download somewhere easy to find instead of these pointless little snippets of incomplete information? Seriously, how is anyone supposed to troubleshoot one of these devices without a user manual?

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