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Replacing Z axis limit switch

Robin Shakya

Replacing Z axis limit switch cable

Important: Make sure the MBot Grid II+ is turned off and power supply disconnected before you start the replacement.

Compatibility: MBot Grid II and II+

Necessary Parts: limit switch cable (available on MBot3d online store)

Necessary Tool: Hexagon screwdriver

1. Took off Z limit Switch

Unscrew the screw show as on picture. Detach the Z limit switch from pedestal.

2. Unplug the cable

unplug the cable from Z limit switch. Unscrew these two screw and replace the limit switch.

3. Assembling Z limit switch

Plug the limit switch cable. Attach the limit switch with pedestal 

Please follow the above steps if you are facing any problem contact us support@mbot3d.com

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