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MBot Cube Kit Reinstalling Firmware by USB Cable

Robin Shakya

MBot Grid II+ reinstalling firmware by USB cable

NB: This firmware is strictly for MBot Cube Kit 12V base on Atmega 2560 chip motherboard. For Old model consult with Technical support team.

Please visit at the bottom of the page for downloanding AvrdudeTool and Firmware.

1. Connect computer and 3D printer

Turn on the MBot Grid II+ , connect the printer to computer with USB port

2. Selecting firmware

Run the “AvrdudeTool.exe”, click the “open Hex” and select the firmware for example “mbot_cube_newboard_v7.7.0.hex”

Different model MBot 3D Printer have different firmware

3. Installing firmware

Click the “reset” button on the mother board and the “update” on the computer, you should click these buttons quickly, if it doesn’t work, you can try it again

4. Message display

When the installing is success, it will show message as on the picture

Please follow the above steps. Any other problems and questions, contact us at support@mbot3d.com

Download AvrTool and firmware MBot Grid II+

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