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How to assemble a hot end

Robin Shakya

1. The three main components.

2. Clean nozzle and remove if any dirt left. Insert PTFE tube into nozzle.


3. Put the glue around the screw.


4. Insert PEEK into PTFE tube and screw PEEK. Do not screw PEEK very tight for a moment. Just left 1mm gap between PEEK and nozzle.


5. Cut excess PTFE tube


6. Tight the PEEK after tight 1mm of the PTFE tube will come out above the PEEK. It is a necessary PTFE tube should come out about 1mm above the PEEK.


7. Insert the nozzle into aluminium bar. The nozzle should be tightly inserted and should not be any gap between the nozzle and aluminium bar. After the insert the nozzle into aluminium bar, both side screw need to screw tightly. Aluminium bar is not same on both sides. Assemble exact as shown picture.



Please follow the above steps. Any other problems and questions contact us support@mbot3d.com

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