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MBot Cube Kit Cooling fan installation.

Robin Shakya

MBot Cube Kit, Cooling fan installation.

Necessary Parts:

1. One Cooling Fan (12V or 24 V) available on the MBot3d online store

2. Two screws (38 mm length and 3 mm diameter)

3. Two screws (23 mm length and 3 mm diameter)

4. Two washers

1. Detach the fan:

Unscrew two screws as show on picture. After unscrew fan, aluminium bar and stepper motor will separate.

2. Attach the stepper motor:

Attach the stepper motor with aluminium bar by 23 mm screw.

3. Installing the back fan:

Unscrew the screw of stepper motor left top corner and right bottom corner.

Use 38 mm screw to Install fan with washer. Wash need to install between stepper motor and fan to prevent fan blade touch to a stepper motor.

4. Installing the front fan:

Insert the front fan in Extruder Wagon.

5. Wiring diagram:

1. For 12 V Power Supply


2. For 12 V Power Supply


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